Writing is a powerful way for people to have their voices heard, for individuals and groups to advocate for change, and to create forums for developing understanding and respect for one another and our experiences.

The Summer Institute invites participants to spend time writing (in multiple modes), reading, viewing and responding to relevant texts in a variety of ways, and to explore the possibilities for teaching writing as social justice pedagogy. The two-week intensive course is modeled after the Summer Writing Institute offered by the National Writing Project.

Every summer, in nearly 200 university-based writing project sites around the world, educators come together to write and further their professional journeys as writing educators.

The Summer Institute seeks to build a network of educators known as the Manitoba Writing Project as a way to enhance professional inquiry and critical pedagogy related to the teaching of writing and to support teachers in becoming more confident and versatile writers themselves.


Summer Institute Anthologies are composed of creative and practical pieces authored by Summer Institute participants. Forms range from lesson plans to poems, essays, and opinion pieces among many others.