Our Mission

We believe everyone is a writer.

At the Manitoba Writing Project, we aim to explore the power of writing, focusing on the use of writing as and for social justice and human rights in our multicultural context.

We believe writing should not be constrained to one classroom, one subject area, or one specialty. Writing is a powerful tool that can change the world and give students voice in a world where they’re often silenced. Our goal is to share this tool with them in all classrooms and all contexts.

What we Do

Connecting Educational Leaders

Across the province (and around the world), educational leaders are already working diligently to lift students’ voices with and through writing. Often, they work individually or in small groups, hoping to revolutionize the educational system from the inside.

Our goal is to connect these thought leaders, bringing together educational leaders from various disciplines, contexts, and backgrounds to create better educational experiences for young people.

At present, our primary program is the Summer Institute, a two-week intensive course, during which educational leaders come together to learn from one another, create meaningful connections, and imagine new possibilities for the teaching of writing.

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How We Do It

Teachers Teaching Teachers

We recognize that the greatest educational resources available are already sitting in classrooms across the province: our teachers. Our goal is to connect educational leaders from all disciplines and backgrounds to bring better writing instruction to our students.

Why We Do IT

Writing Matters

Writing is the currency of the new workplace and global economy, but more importantly, writing helps us clarify ideas, solve problems, and understand ourselves and our changing world. With writing, we each can leave our mark on the world today and reach toward the future.

How you can get involved

Connect with us

Are you interested in helping us revolutionize writing education?

Let’s connect! We’d love to hear about what you’re doing in your classroom, and we’re here to help you develop as an educational leader.

You can also register for the Summer Institute and join our mailing list to learn about upcoming events and opportunities.

Take a look at what we have been up to!

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