Writing, Learning, and Leading into the Winter

November 2, 2022
Writing, Learning, and Leading into the Winter
Suenos! Pursuing the Light! November 17-20

NWP Events at NCTE

If you are attending the NCTE Annual Convention in Anaheim, please drop by the NWP booth in the exhibit hall, stop by the Katella Terrace on Friday evening between 4:45 p.m.-6:00 p.m. for an NWP meet-up, and/or purchase a ticket to NWP’s Sunday brunch. At our brunch we will be talking and writing about teaching and joy and being the teachers young people deserve. We look forward to seeing you!


How Educators Can Support Equitable Access to Participation in Elections

This article shares lessons from committed and inspirational educators from across the country who worked with the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement in 2020. Their experiences reinforce that nonpartisan teaching about democracy is possible. Education about voting and elections builds generations of lifelong voters, and this is imperative to a country that values the full and thoughtful participation of its people.

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A Special NWP Radio Series: The Write Time with Yohuru Williams & Joe Anson

Coming Up: The Write Time with Author Yohuru Williams

On November 10 on The Write Time we interview Dr. Yohuru Williams, distinguished University Chair and Professor of History and founding director of the Racial Justice Initiative at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. The former chief historian of the Jackie Robinson Foundation, he appeared in Ken Burns’ Jackie Robinson and was one of the hosts of Sound Smart, the History Channel’s popular YouTube program. His educational videos on civil rights, social movements, and other historic events have garnered over 1 million views. He is the author of numerous books, including Teaching Beyond the Textbook, and he has appeared on a variety of media outlets, including ABC, CNN, MSNBC, HISTORY, BET, CSPAN, and NPR. He’ll be talking with us about his newest book, Call Him Jack, “an enthralling, eye-opening portrayal of Jackie Robinson, a lifelong, relentlessly proud fighter for Black justice and civil rights."

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Read. Think. Respond. Share. Images of book covers, including Black Birds on the Sky, Home is not a Country, Kaleidoscope, Instructions for Dancing, Legacy, The Legend of Auntie Po, The Genius Under the Table, and The Mirror Season

Diverse Books for Youth and an Invitation to Write

Once again, the Commonwealth Club of California has partnered with NWP to invite young readers (13+) to spend some time with the 2022 finalists of the Commonwealth Club’s Annual California Book Awards, then publish their thoughts on a youth-writing website. The project is intended to support open-reading programs in classrooms, libraries, and out-of-school clubs where teachers would want to add in a writing component where young writers can share their thoughts. It’s an excellent opportunity to read, write, and connect around diverse books and it’s free to participate.

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Image of teacher working with a student writing

Learn How to Support Upper Elementary Commentary

How do we invite students into the larger conversations taking place in the community around them, enlarging their perspectives and informing their opinions with deep reading and research about topics of substance, helping them to retain their own strong voices while learning to consider and respect perspectives that differ from their own? Our online course for teaching upper elementary students to write compelling commentary when crafting arguments will also connect you to a community of other elementary writing teachers who are interested in supporting younger writers in writing informed opinions. Course begins November 2!

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Write Now Teacher Studio

We are thankful for the Write Now Teacher Studio and all the opportunities it affords for us to work and play together. Here’s just a taste of all that’s happening there this month.

  • If you are working on a novel during National Novel Writing Month, join the NaNoWriMo group in The Studio to share ideas and breakthroughs, and look for support toward your word count.
  • If you are looking for support in helping your students understand disinformation, misinformation, or truth during this election cycle, you can find resources on this topic in the Deeper Dive of the same name.
  • If you are an educator interested in considering the call: “How can we teach English so people stop killing each other?” (O’Reilly, Winn, Inoue) join Teaching for Peace, Justice, & Healing hosted by the Greater Madison Writing Project to explore this question with Encantapalabras—an educator, writer, and activist collective in Colombia working with young writers displaced by civil war—and Dr. Kate Vieira at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • If you want the chance to try a few short opportunities to learn from Writing Project colleagues, the Long Island Writing Project shares three different workshops that connect to the theme "Writing Across Borders." Workshops in this Deeper Dive will all tie back to the idea that we can use writing to cross all kinds of barriers towards a richer education and a more just society.
  • And if K-2 writers are your jam, you might want to check out the Deeper Dive on emergent writers hosted by the Philadelphia Writing Project because nothing makes you feel more joyful than immersing yourself in the stories that emergent writers tell.

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